Why people choose Xude

Some people who don't know about Xude have a hard time picking out a tapware brand. We believe in delivering to our clients the best and after reading this article compare other brands, they come back to us and organise a free design consultation.

We off the best quality tapware, best industry knowledge, best value prices in Australia in our class. People love our design and recommend us to all their friends.

We exceed the WaterMark standards, so our quality is superb, we offer free design consultations, we also can renovate your whole bathroom or house with builders that are ready to work in creating a new luxury space if you want. We are a full service company and want to look after people and leave them happy, satisfied and assured they made the right choice.

Our tapware products are forged, cast from the best lead-free, pure DZR brass. the wall thickness is around 3mm. This is in contrast to other companies that use recycled brass tube, where the wall thickness is about 1mm. Any corrosion of the zinc can lead to a leak where inferior brass is used or the part becomes bent or gets damaged. 

So lets recap we offer:

  • free delivery
  • use the best raw materials
  • carbon offset our deliveries and continue to change out the unrecyclable packaging, like single use plastic wrapping and choosing cardboard that is recyclable and is also made from recycled products
  • free design consultation
  • updateable tapware utilising an international design collaboration and  German engineering
  • Having a combined 40 years experience as builders, being in the industry and knowing what people want. People want to use companies that back their product and will look after them quickly and without fuss if there is an issue.
  • We can sit down with you and your budget and work out what you really want to achieve and focus on making your space your space. A lot of companies/social media, push people away from what they want to what is trending of the latest style. We want your style, your input, your ideas, after all its your home or project.

Two years of development and research and site visits and audits and checks to make sure our manufacturers are the best we could find. We audited 1068 WaterMark licensed companies to find our manufacturer and are proud with components manufactured internationally, then tested and the last assembly and testing done in Sydney, Australia.

Part of this development was the careful selection of our mixing cartridge. It is the best in class, tested 500,000 times, uses a ceramic disc and comes with a 50 year warranty. If something happens we will send you a new one, even if it is outside our warranty.

Xude - Timeless Tapware