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LussoVita | Cerchio | Dossi

LussoVita | Italian for luxury life, our signature original design, the concept of the water drop, ‘sharp lines with arc symmetry’
Cerchio | Italian for circle, timeless, transformation in your space, ‘endless symmetry’
Dossi | Italian for bumps, light bouncing of small ocean waves on a beautiful sunny morning.

LussoVita is the base design and signature to the XUDE brand. Cerchio and Dossi are our two TapAdapt handles.

"Sharp lines with arc symmetry"

LussoVita means luxury life in Italian and is the signature design of the XUDE brand.


We believe in adding value, through timeless designs and superior tapware to give a feeling of luxury, confidence and relaxation.


  • The tapware and accessories has been installed in 3 of our bathrooms and it is extremely aesthetically pleasing, as well as very soft to the touch. It has created quite a talking point with ppl to our home commenting on it. Overall, we couldn't recommend Ben or Xude tapware, any higher


    - Binita Patel -

  • By far, exceptional design, great finish, has transformed our bathroom and all our friends and family are so impressed with our choice. Get Xude tapware, its the best! Shipping was carbon neutral and fast.


    - James Rowe -

  • Xude completed our recent renovation on our bathroom and we are happy with the end result. There was no issue that was not handled with quickly and without fuss. We did have an issue, but it was fixed quickly without arguement. We are now considering our next project with Xude.


    - Helen Tinson -

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