LussoVita | Cerchio | Dossi

LussoVita | Italian for luxury life, our signature original design, the concept of the water drop, ‘sharp lines with arc symmetry’
Cerchio | Italian for circle, timeless, transformation in your space, ‘endless symmetry’
Dossi | Italian for bumps, light bouncing of small ocean waves on a beautiful sunny morning.

LussoVita is the base design and signature to the XUDE brand. Cerchio and Dossi are our two TapAdapt handles.

"Sharp lines with arc symmetry"

LussoVita means luxury life in Italian and is the signature design of the XUDE brand.

When conceptualising this series, we wanted to minimise waste and maximise value to people’s lives by delivering premium quality and timeless tapware to Australian consumers.

We believe in giving customers the choice to use round and/or square components in their space and welcome multiple design styles. Our design is a timeless concept, a modern water drop, which is emphasised in the sleek side profile and the water-drop shaped handle and spout, simulating running water or a falling drop of water. We based this idea on water being the essential element and brought that shape into the space to give a natural and organic feeling. Compose, energise, and transcend to a happier place.

We offer a longer warranty because we use the best components and manufacturing technology available in an environmentally conscious manner. The process for deciding on a manufacturer, led the team to go through the entire WaterMark database, 1,968 licences at the time were analysed and went through a list of criteria to establish a shortlist for interviews followed by factory inspections to find a partner to manufacture our goods.

Over two years in development we want you to know that we made your concerns our priority.

Combine with our accessories to transform your space, add continuity and you will have the confidence knowing that all your items will look amazing with a continuous timeless design that will last a lifetime. Choose to exude confidence, seamless design, quality and relax knowing you have made a wise choice. Xude – Timeless Tapware.

Be at peace with XUDE - Timeless Tapware.