• 'No worries' - if there is a problem just call us and we will do our best to help you.
  • We use lead free top quality DZR brass
  • 50-year cartridge warranty - This is the heart of your tapware. When you move the handle up and down, left and right it opens valves and mixes the water. Your tapware has the best quality cartridge for this design and function. Each design, to achieve certification is tested over 500,000 times to ensure no defects or faults are present.

Like all things, for this to happen you must care for the product. Wear and tear, scratches, or damage to finish because of harsh environments, use of abrasive pads/cloths or exposure to acids or alkalis will not be covered by our warranty. We provide a high-end microfibre cloth in the box to clean your product. Keep this cloth for this product and only this product.

To clean only use mild soap and water. Nothing else.

Read our product care and warranty policy before purchasing here